Building, modification and overhaul of classic vehicles

We are a company specializing in the building, modification and overhaul of all kinds of classic vehicles.

We build unique vehicles, complete eternity projects and put your wheels back on track. We will build a car, motorcycle or any other machine for you, according to your wishes.

The starting point for every project is that the work is done as if it were done for ourselves - so the end result is always high quality and functional. When needed, a spare part or component, it will be searched around the world or it'll be crafted - we do not compromise on the result.

- Aku Luojus

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Dead end with your own project? No replacement parts or body parts found? A peculiar electrical failure annoying?

Black Garage Works is the solution - contact us on +358 (0) 40 1572722!

> We will complete the project you started
> We are available when you encounter problems in your project
> Spare parts not found? Give us a look, we can even make it ourselves, if necessary
> Engine swaps and bodyworks
> Detecting and repairing electrical faults and problems
> Bodywork with a strong skills, if necessary we make our own parts
> We can also execute only one section of your project

Asemakatu 32, 38700 Kankaanpää, Finland | Aku Luojus - call+358 40 1572722

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